The popularity of CBD has reached its new height and now it is considered a wonder drug for many different ailments. However, can you carry a bottle of CBD oil while traveling long distances? After all, this new product has been derived from a certain plant that is considered a Cannabis sativa family member.

Although CBD oil is derived from hemp that is now not considered an illegal plant, however, a few other Cannabis sativa genera may not be legal federally. Marijuana is actually considered a schedule-1 substance.

Keeping that in mind, if you are also a bit skeptical while traveling with your CBD oil, one can really understand your concern. Therefore, we are offering a few tips for safely carrying your CBD oil while traveling.

1. You must know the local laws where you want to travel

People have accepted CBD very recently and hence a few restrictions may still persist. Besides, the rules of different states may not be the same. So, to be safe you must get familiarized with the local laws.

2. Ensure that you are carrying farm bill compliant CBD oil

Legally accepted CBD oil should be extracted from any hemp and it should not contain greater than 03% THC.  If your CBD oil contains above 03% level of THC then it is no longer farm bill compliant.

3. Get either broad or full-spectrum CBD oil

By purchasing either broad or any full-spectrum CBD oil, you will get enough cannabinoids in your formula that will be an ideal product. Even CBD vape juice that you buy from JustCBDStore is from broad or full spectrum CBD oil.    

4. Know in detail about your CBD products

CBD market is still not regulated and there are many fraudulent suppliers operating in the market. So, you must know full details about your CBD oil that you are carrying.

5. Don’t stress TSA

You need not add stress by worrying too much as you are traveling with any CBD oil. TSA people are usually not so much concerned about illegal substances, but more about the security of passengers.

6. Carry all the records with you

You must carry all the necessary papers related to your CBD oil so that if you are confronted then you can show them all valid papers to show that you are not doing any illegal activity.

7. Follow all airport rules concerning liquids

If you are catching a flight and carrying your CBD oil, then you must be aware of all airport restrictions. Since oils are also liquid and if it is more than 3.4 ounce then you are not allowed to bring them on board.

8. Bring it onboard

If you are traveling along with CBD oil, then it is best to declare it rather than getting caught and be defensive about it.

9. Better travel with any CBD Softgels than CBD oil

While traveling, it will be better to carry any soft gel rather than carrying CBD oil.

10. Use your CBD Oil and avoid travel stress

You can remove your stress by consuming a bit of CBD oil.


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