It can be difficult to sell the product in the quantities you need, at the time you want. This is why business builders differ. Although you’ve put in the effort, created a manufacturer and have amazing products, traffic is not where it should be. Although SEO and traffic is an incredible tool (and something that most businesses do), sometimes it is not enough.

Are you looking for a specific audience? What are the best lead magnet strategies? How can you sell a product successfully? Here are 7 tips for wholesale selling.

1. Milestones Matter!

It is important to build a foundation for your business. But, it is even more critical that you follow through on those foundational goals. You must align your visions. You also have to maintain them (perhaps the most difficult challenge for any company).

Calendars should be at least three months in advance of the schedule. Jeff Bezos, a multi-billionaire CEO, does this ten times and plans 3 YEARS in advance. Then, measure your workload to determine if you are ahead or behind. Do you deliver the content and products you are proud of or are you just trying to get by?

You need to be honest with yourself. It can get scary and vulnerable. Include all the strengths and weaknesses of your business. This includes SEO, Ads and incentives.

The macro is defined by the micro. The sum of the parts is not greater than the sum of the individual parts. Be granular to see the big picture and hold everyone accountable so that you can reach your goals.

2. Place Your Audience in your Crosshairs

The difference between being successful and failing is how well you define your target audience. A niche audience is an individual or group that is less well-known than the larger market. Each group has its own set of needs. Your product offerings may meet these needs. However, you must be open to adapting to their needs if they aren’t.

Selling hemp products is the same as selling any other product. They follow the same process and nail down the exact audience metrics. They also read the same data.

You can try these things to find out if you are meeting the needs of your niche group.

  1. Conducting a survey of your existing customer base
  2. Market Research (look at the competition using websites like
  3. Analyze your data

You should consider investing in a Google Analytics program. It is important to know where people are going, how they interact, what grabs their attention, how long they stay on site, how fast they bounce, and even if they have valid email addresses. This information will allow you to clarify your research and justify the answers you get in your surveys.

3. Pull the Trigger

Now that you have a better understanding of your base, it is time to optimize. You need to make it easy for people to view, buy, and ship your product, from outreach to the purchase point.

They’re less likely to buy if they click too many times. They’re less likely to buy if they have to work harder. Do your best to be the best business possible, do more than you have to, and take every opportunity to win business.

A few Golden Rules:

  1. Visitors shouldn’t be forced to register the first time they visit your site. It doesn’t matter if you are offering free trials or promotional information. It’s considered “salesy” to give out information before a potential buyer buys.
  2. Make your blog or website’s navigation easy to use. You should make it easy for everyone to get to the place they want within two mouse clicks. Place the navigation at the top of your landing page. Keep it consistent.
  3. Do not make the purchasing process complicated or long. You create more friction the more information and steps you require. Excessive information requests are the biggest reason why people abandon their carts. Your customers will always be happy to find someone who makes the process simpler and less complicated.

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