We all have felt that knuckle sound in the neck that makes us rub or stretch the entire body. Ever wondered why you feel pain after a certain period time sitting on the chair? No, it is not because you are aging. It is because of bad posture like bending or slouching.

A good posture plays a major role in health, far more than anyone realizes. Having a good posture means maintaining the kind of spine that is ideal for health and well-being. This also means achieving three natural curves that your spine should possess to keep you healthy starting from young through old age. Those curves are namely cervical, lumbar and thoracic. A fitness instructor at a port st lucie gym looking at your posture will see that you are not deviating from these three curves or falling out from the middle line. When you are looked at from the front, side and back, your head shouldn’t be too forward. Shoulders shouldn’t be turned in or pelvis tilted. Or nothing should be out of normal in general. It is important that your posture should be good while standing, sitting and sleeping.

So, why do you need a good posture in the first place? The reason is to keep the various parts of your body healthy in addition to preventing injuries. When good posture is present, it takes minimum amount of energy for the different organs in the body to function optimally. This posture, when maintained, places less amount of stress on the tissues as well. Good posture is known to improve breathing and promote healing. It is responsible for minimizing negative effects on the muscles. What’s more, as people see you in good posture, your confidence will increase. You will get a lot of positive looks when you are showing off your posture and walking proudly.

Poor posture, on the other hand, causes muscle imbalances. Your poor daily habits and activities that result in bad posture will make some muscles tighten up while others stretch out. Different forces placed on different parts of the body due to poor posture will cause shortage of breath and eventually lead to chest pain. Sitting in a slouched position will cause hunching in the shoulder while eventually rotating it inward. It is not uncommon to see people whose neck appears like it has been moved 3 inches from the spinal cord and yet being able to walk. The issue here is, people tend to focus only on the front of their body when they look in the mirror and pay little attention to the back part. Instead, if they took great care of the back part of the body as much as they did of the front, there would be less and less of awkward movements and definitely a lot less pain and discomfort. Fitness programs for posture problems involve exercises that will strengthen the muscles in the back area of the shoulder. These exercises are also useful in stabilizing muscles and helping alleviate slouched position.

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