Our dependence on technology has been a point for critique by older generations. Though it shows an apparent acceptance of how we must move on and progress, we also need to confront the fact that we would be helpless without the aid of technology in our everyday lives.

It’s not all convenience and comfort that gadgets provide, as there is a lurking danger of EMFs that is subtly affecting our bodies without our knowledge.

Dependence on technology

With more and more business opportunities and facets of education such as freelance work and online seminars provided by employers and universities, it’s not that hard to imagine that we may well reach a time when we will no longer have to leave our homes. With services such as food and groceries which can now be conveniently ordered from the comfort of being in our house, people no longer go to the market. Shopping for clothes and gadgets is now much more reliable through the development of e-commerce. Flexible work hours which keep us away from the pure horror of working a standard nine to five job, make the current generation appear to be one that focuses on having more personal time and being at home for the majority of that time.

Electronics and EMFs

Because we are unable to manage the development of technology as a more accessible form of convenience in our day to day lives, we no longer have control over the number of devices that are present wherever we go. Electropollution is stated as the overabundance of toxic electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, which can disrupt the biological function of our bodies. The effect of electropollution interrupts the natural flow of communication between biological systems; this means that specific physiological processes such as the transmission of information or signals may be obstructed which would lead to a delayed form of delivery which could create health complications. Typical results of disrupted communication lead to stress, fatigue, short-term migraines, and eventual cell degeneration such as cancer.

Is there a cure?

A general reason why EMFs affect us is that the human body conducts electricity; that is why we are capable of transmitting static electricity as human conductors. Our body content, being made of 3/4 water, makes us susceptible to being an electrical conductor.

Strictly speaking, our bodies naturally deal with sending transmissions to different parts of the body. We even have simple defence mechanisms against low-level EMFs such as being fine even when in physical contact with power lines. Due to the lower electrical field emitted by the wires, they aren’t able to penetrate through our body’s cell membranes.

Though unplugging your nearby devices keeps you away from some EMFs at home, there’s no way to be nowhere near electronic devices when you go out of the house. Astonishing developments in EMF protection technologies have been developed by companies such as www.lifeenergysolutions.com to help spread awareness about EMFs and attempt to solve the problem through products that can help combat a person’s vulnerability to electromagnetic radiation.

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