The process of finding a COVID-19 provider for your first or subsequent doses is the same.

  • Contact the facility that scheduled your first vaccination appointment if you have questions about scheduling a vaccine.
  • You can search for a provider of vaccines if you need another shot in a place other than where your last shot was given.
  • Reach out to the organization that you enrolled in the system if you have any questions or are having difficulty using it. It could be your state, local health department, employer, or vaccine provider.

Additional primary doses and COVID-19 booster shots are available where COVID-19 primary series shots are given.

Scheduling Vaccination Appointments

Many vaccination providers offer online vaccinations. To schedule your COVID-19 vaccination appointment, visit vaccine providers online scheduling services. For questions regarding scheduling your COVID-19 vaccination appointment, contact a vaccine provider directly.

  • CDC can not schedule a vaccine appointment.
  • The CDC can’t help with cancelling, rescheduling, or verifying your vaccination appointment.

Contact the place where you made your appointment to cancel, change, or verify a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. You may be able to get a second, additional, or booster dose appointment at another location if the place where you received your previous doses of the COVID-19 vaccine is closed. For assistance, contact your state or local health department or search for COVID-19 vaccine providers in your area.

All COVID-19 Vaccines are Free to Everyone in the United States

All children 5 and over can receive COVID-19 vaccines at no charge. All Americans living in the United States will receive free vaccines, even if they have no insurance or are not immigrants.

  • To receive a COVID-19 vaccination, the CDC does not require that individuals be citizens of the United States.
  • The U.S. citizenship requirements and verification of citizenship are not mandatory for any jurisdiction (state, tribal or local) that requires vaccinations.

Beware of scams

You can bet that anyone asking you to pay money for COVID-19 vaccinations is a fraud. If someone calls, texts or emails you promising access for an additional fee, don’t divulge your financial or personal information.

COVID-19 vaccination providers cannot:

  • You will be charged for the vaccine
  • You will be charged directly for any administrative fees, copays or coinsurance.
  • Anyone who is not covered by health insurance, underinsured, or out of the network can be denied vaccination
  • If the COVID-19 vaccine is the only service offered, charge the recipient an office visit fee or any other fee
  • Additional services are required to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination. However, it is possible to get additional healthcare services at the same moment and be billed accordingly

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