How long does drug rehab last? And what is the drug rehab process like?

If you or a loved one are suffering from the disease of addiction, you might be asking these questions. Over 21 million American adults suffer from addictions, and heading to a drug rehabilitation center can be one way to quell this problem.

The issue is, many people don’t know what the process looks like. That can be overwhelming, or even cause you to lose motivation.

Here’s what you need to know to make an informed choice for your health.

How Long Does Drug Rehab Last?

Drug rehab varies depending on the type of treatment you’re seeking.

If you’re undergoing a simple detox, it could be less than a week. Three to four days is fairly common in terms of how long drug rehab takes.

If you’re entering a hospital rehabilitation program, expect for rehab to last two to three weeks.

Long-term residential treatment and outpatient care can exceed two months. In some cases, you might be in the facility for up to four months.

Are you suffering from drug addiction? Keep in mind that every case is individual and that these are guidelines only. Seek a medical professional’s opinion or see this post to learn more about rehab centers near you.

Specific Drug Treatment

The types of drug(s) you’re being treated for can determine how long you’re in for. Drugs have specific detox and withdrawal time frames. The longer yours (or a loved one’s) is, the longer you can expect to be in drug rehab.

For example, alcohol treatment typically lasts about two weeks. Other drugs, like methamphetamine or heroin, can range between two and four weeks. The withdrawal symptoms can be very different from one another, too.

Regardless, it’s important to undergo withdrawal symptoms under the supervision of a medical professional. Detoxing this way is safest, and can also reduce the amount of time you need to be treated.

Drug Rehab Success

While the drug rehab process can be lengthy, there are absolutely benefits you stand to receive.

It’s important to understand that few statistics that determine “success” and “failure” exist. Success in drug rehab is a completely individual thing, and goals or milestones should be established by you, a loved one, or those closest to the person suffering.

For many people, getting sober marks success. But because drug recovery isn’t a straightforward process, there’s a fine line here. One relapse could cause you to spiral again and even wind up worse than before.

In rehab, you’ll be able to discuss important things about your goals once you’re out of treatment. This is a good time to consider what is best for you and how you hope to proceed after you get out.

Do You Need Help?

Whether you’re seeking help or just wondering how long drug rehab is, getting the information you need is an important step for addiction recovery. It’s a place to break the cycle of addiction and get the help you need.

Drug rehab can range between two and four weeks, but it really depends on the type of drugs you’re dealing with and the treatment you’re seeking. Basic detox can be as short as four days.

For more health tips, check out our blog. We wish you all the best during your treatment.

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