Heavy sweating or hyperhidrosis is such an embarrassing condition. But, before you start hiding under sweaters or plan a move to a colder climate, there are effective ways you can treat it. This condition happens when the body’s cooling system is turned up so high that the body sweats many times more than normal.  People who have suffered from hyperhidrosis express how it affected their esteem, confidence, and performance. Many find it so embarrassing that they keep it to themselves instead of getting medical attention.

Heavy sweating is a medical condition that can be treated. All you need is to take the advice that follows.

Use Antiperspirants

The use of antiperspirant is one of the most effective ways of dealing with hyperhidrosis. Most antiperspirants contain aluminum salts and rolling them into your skin blocks perspiration. They are available at your nearby drug store or supermarket. You can purchase them over the counter, but if that doesn’t work, you can ask your doctor to prescribe them for you. It’s also good to get an antiperspirant combined with a deodorant to control your sweat’s odor. Antiperspirants are not just made for your underarms but also other areas where you sweat, like your feet and hands. Again, your deodorant is not to be applied in the morning only; you can also use it before you go to bed to keep you drier.

Ask Your Doctor for a Prescription

Anticholinergics and other oral medicines can be used for hyperhidrosis, although they carry risks. Research has shown an association between long-term use of these pills and dementia, especially for adults older than sixty-five. They may also have potential side effects like constipation, dry mouth, and increased heart rate, among other complications.

Consider Botox

There’s a host of medical uses for Botox apart from fighting wrinkles on your face. FDA approves it in people of ages above eighteen for treating armpit hyperhidrosis. Botox contains a natural protein that blocks the sweat-triggering chemical in sweat glands, which helps stop sweating in the injected area. More than twenty countries have approved this underarm sweating treatment. This approach reduces sweating by about 87%. For patients who don’t tolerate topical sweating medication, Botox is the best option. The only challenge with it is that you have to get the armpit injections every three to six months for sustained dryness, which can be painful and excruciating.

Use of MiraDry

FDA-approved MiraDry is an anon-invasive device that destroys the sweat glands permanently using microwave technology. If you don’t like taking medication or those routine injections, then MiraDry is your best option. The downside with MiraDry is that no insurance covers it, but you may only need one treatment.

Try a Lifestyle Change

Try pinpointing sweat triggers like spicy foods and caffeinated drinks. That will help significantly reduce sweating. However, patients with hyperhidrosis can’t control sweating. Thus the best way would be to seek the help of a dermatologist.

Even as you seek help on excessive sweating, there are cool sheets to help with hyperhidrosis. These help combat overheating and help you sleep comfortably throughout the night. This condition is often due to other medical conditions like heart or lung diseases, hormonal imbalance, and such. That will ensure you deal with the real cause and not symptoms.

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