Multidimensional health issues picked up major trending effects in environmental health, epidemiology, and biostatistics. National desire to be healthy has science professionals motivated in analyzing statistical data in opioid epidemics, infectious and chronic diseases. Upgraded technology such as the Smart IV Pump have been utilized in hospitals to better link infusion pumps to vital records on emergency room patients. Smart IV Pumps aide nurses in dosage accuracy and electronic medical records. The goal of initiatives like this in public health, social science, and biology is to build solutions to decrease morbidity rates on a national spectrum and contrarily, gain acceptance for performing an act of holistic implementations that keep citizens interested in a developing health science profession.


The National Institute of Health methodology and statistical research on relationships between suicidal ideation scores and multiple socioeconomic support resulted in nutrition and physical activity initiatives as antidotes for mental health disorders. Administered clinical programs of the last five years were implemented in counseling and disability associations nationally. The US Office of Women’s Health; Office of Sexual Violence for similar public health performances focused on Rape Crisis initiatives for sex education for children and aging adults. Organizations as such remind us that multidimensional health and science involved in all field that affects life changes. Whether the acknowledgment is from a child, an elder, or a national organization it drives health and medical professionals to keep going. The Federal Departments of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities expanded shortly after organizing conferences on support for suicide prevention on college campuses. The Garrett Lee Smith Youth Suicide Prevention Director, Michelle Zelaya, as a public speaker, trainer and committee board member. Sources of Strength, one of SAMSHA’s National Registries of Evidence-based Programs and Practices introduced herself to groups of college students as a compassionate mentor if they ever needed to advise. The Executive Director of Sources of Strength; Mark LoMurray worked vigorously on facilitation for training and conference sessions on suicide prevention and holistic health internationally in 2016.


Having health and medical science administration projects developed a passion for prospective students to continue as health professionals because they felt compelled to help people holistically. Even athletes, Lebron James, Arian Foster, and Skylar Diggins donated time and energy to implement health through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and character building with the amateur athletic unions and national high school basketball leagues. Internationally, Euro League administers research clinics to analyze the effects of social support on children athletes. As health science professionals, the philosophy of athletic achievements further encourages academic achievements and career vigor of becoming Doctors of Public Health, Social Science, and Medicine. As multidimensional health professionals strive to achieve proper administration of International institutes of health, providing science-based solutions for millennials and the aging population can be expected to expand into life, work, and adventure.


Giving is for the soul. It is spiritually and scientifically sound to acknowledge things that are higher than ourselves. Health and Science Leaders find meaning in all parts of their lives through serving, mentoring and coaching. Could you imagine the opposition review boards gave Lee G. Bolman, ‎Terrence E. Deal on their public health perspective of the soul not only being about faith but being about what makes us human? Once ideas as such are understood money, time, things, and skills all are easy to release into the atmosphere. The use of talents and skills become natural and even fun when compassion, comes before leadership and ability.

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