The Cambridge Dictionary defines detail oriented as being ‘very interested in and paying a lot of attention to details.’

This is a great skill to have in the workplace, especially for jobs where accuracy is important. If you are detail oriented, you will be able to focus on small details and give a high level of attention to any project on which you are working. You will likely be highly organized and extremely productive.

Those who are detail oriented typically produce work with little to no errors because they will double- or even triple-check everything that they do. It is easy to see why detail oriented people have an advantage when it comes to applying for jobs.

What Skills do Detail Oriented People Have?

High Productivity Levels

Detail oriented employees like to get jobs done quickly and efficiently. They will stay focused on the task at hand until it is done and usually produce work that requires little to no changes. They have high levels of motivation, which allows them to maintain their high productivity levels.

Can Spot Mistakes Easily

The detail oriented person is quick to spot errors and will typically have a solution ready. Their ability to spot mistakes and the fact that they will proofread work multiple times, ensures that their work is usually immaculate.

Time Management

Time management skills go hand-in-hand with the detail-oriented person’s other skills. They are able to work to deadlines and their organizational skills allows them to get tasks completed on time. They will plan and organize their tasks by creating lists and schedules and sticking to them.

Which Jobs Would Suit the Detail-Oriented Person?

There are numerous jobs that require those with good attention to detail. Below are a few examples.

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer must be able to write accurate code to ensure that the program runs as it should. Without a good eye for detail, mistakes might be overlooked, and the program might be full of glitches that can be expensive to fix at a later date.

Aviation Inspector

Those who are tasked with inspecting aircraft must be detail oriented because the consequences of making mistakes could cost lives. Aircraft must meet federal regulations, and it is the aviation inspector’s job to ensure that communications equipment and navigational aids are working correctly.

Medical Coder

The experts at say that being detail oriented is a skill that many medical coders have. The ability to stay focused when looking up diagnosis codes is extremely important. Medical coders must also ensure HIPAA compliance at all times. Mistakes in coding can lead to delays with payments from insurance companies, thus causing cashflow problems for the medical facility. This could ultimately affect patient care.

Lab Technician

It is important that those working in labs, analyzing blood and tissue samples, have a keen eye for detail. They must make sure that the correct procedures are used and that their calculations and measurements are precise to ensure results are valid. It is also necessary to make sure that all documentation is accurate so that the right person gets the right results.

Quality Assurance Specialist

A quality assurance specialist is tasked with the job of ensuring that products and services meet the specified standards. Being detail oriented is a must in this job as mistakes could cost lives (depending on the item being tested).


Those who are detail oriented are meticulous when completing any task. They have great organizational skills and will produce high standards of work at all times. Those with this skill are perfect for jobs such as medical coders, lab technicians, aviation inspectors, and computer programmers.