There has been evidence that cannabis can have a link to weight loss and dieting. The only barrier to finding out more about the link between dieting and cannabis is the issue of legality. As cannabis becomes legal in more areas, we will see a greater number of studies emerge on how this substance could help a person to lose weight.

A 2011 Study

A 2011 study suggested that people who do not use cannabis typically have higher obesity rates than those that were using cannabis. Based on a study of over 50,000 respondents, the prevalence of obesity was up over 20% in non-users of cannabis. A meta-analysis from another 2018 study suggested that cannabis users often have reduced body mass indexes well.

The use of cannabis is not a suitable treatment for obesity and the link between the two is not currently fully known. We know that there is a light link between cannabis use and lower body weight and some of our reasoning for understanding this link includes these theories:

Cannabis lowers alcohol consumption: some of the highest rates of obesity come from people that regularly consume alcohol more than three times a week. Cannabis users often lower their alcohol consumption and this results in a lower body mass index.

Cannabis has an energizing effect: certain strains of cannabis can increase activity levels in some people and this can lead to a series of metabolic improvements and weight loss.

Ongoing cannabis use can affect metabolism: improvements in metabolism will regularly improve our ability to lose weight and a link towards BMI and fat content.

Assistance with sleep and recovery: if you’re working out to lose weight, regular use of cannabis can be an effective way that you can recover and improve your sleep between sessions.

Keep some of these top links and theories in mind regarding cannabis and weight loss.

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