There are different ways to improve one’s facial profile. When the only requirement is to define or enhance the facial contours, it could be done cosmetically or through non-invasive procedures. But in cases where the only solution would be to alter certain portions of the face, there are professionals that can do surgical procedures for the chin and other facial parts.

What is Mentoplasty?

As part of plastic surgery, chin augmentation or mentoplasty involves enhancing the chin area of the face through surgical implants or even through filler injections. The procedure is often used to address and enhance a deficient chin. The receded chin condition may occur naturally or as a byproduct of disease or accident.

The chin implants or grafts are customized to complement the contours of the patient’s face. It is often made from materials such as silicone, polytetrafluoroethylene, and polyethylene. ADM is another material used for the chin implants. It is often sourced from human tissue donors. It could also be sourced from the patient’s own tissues or bones. Since it entails grafting human tissue or bones, an ADM implant passes through several procedures to avoid rejection.

Why Undergo a Chin Procedure?

There are several reasons why individuals decide to undergo a chin procedure. Some individuals choose to undergo mentoplasty to aesthetically enhance their features. They may be looking for ways to define their chin and jaw area. In this case, a plastic surgeon performs the procedure to add volume or form to the chin area.

Data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that in 2011, around 20,000 patients in the United States had this type of surgery. The procedure is done across different population demographics. The same study reported an overall increase from the previous year. While there were more men who had chin surgery, the numbers were just slightly higher than the women. In terms of age groups, there were more individuals from the 55-upwards range who had this type of procedure in 2011.

The Mentoplasty Process

The process may be surgical or non-surgical. The surgical augmentation procedure is typically done in several steps. During the surgery, the patient is usually sedated via local or general anesthesia. To avoid leaving a surgical scar, the surgical incision is usually made in a less visible area such as the mouth and below the chin.

Prior to the surgery, the patient has to go through digital imaging. This step allows the professional to determine which implant or filler options work best for the patient.

The non-surgical type uses fillers, which could provide temporary cosmetological benefits to the patient. These fillers include preparations made from hyaluronic oxide and other materials that can be injected into the area.

A mentoplasty procedure can be done by a maxillofacial surgeon or a plastic surgeon. To get more information about the process, consult with a qualified medical professional with this particular specialization. Having a clear picture of the mentoplasty process could help the patient understand the pros and cons of undergoing the procedure.

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