Computer keyboards enable us to communicate across the world literally. However, they potentially host harmful and sometimes deadly bacteria, especially in the healthcare setting. Sea shield computer equipment comprises a silver-based antimicrobial that protects the equipment from mildew, mold, and spread of microbial viruses and bacteria from surfaces. The equipment also contains patented waterproof technology. This means that it can be submerged in disinfectant, and it is dishwasher safe provided the water temperature does not exceed 140 degrees.

Keyboards and mice are more prone to bacteria because they are constantly in contact with human hands. For instance, at the home office, you use the restroom or taking out the garbage and return to the computer, you pet the dog and continue typing, sneeze or cough and keep typing. In health care settings, keyboards pose a higher risk of cross-contamination. Wearing gloves may protect the care specialists, but they do not keep bacteria from spreading to the keyboard. Seal Shield Waterproof Keyboards & Mice helps reduce cross-contamination of these bacteria and viruses. Now more than ever, careful cleaning protocols need to be adhered to in all environments to prevent the spread of illness and ensure safety.

The lasting covid-19 impact has raised awareness and forced the majority of us to adopt best healthcare practices to prevent infection. This includes frequently disinfecting high-touch surfaces, computer equipment, and devices.  Seal shield solutions have offered an easier way of ensuring the safety of all equipment and devices.

Guidelines for safe disinfection of waterproof keyboards and mice

Disinfection guidelines are vital to prevent the spread of infection, mainly in healthcare or office settings. Seal shield washable and waterproof keyboards and mice are designed purposely to withstand vigorous and regular cleaning. They are compatible with medicated disinfectants and cleaners for adequate sanitation in all areas. Waterproof keyboards and mice can be cleaned and disinfected in several ways, including the spay-wipe-spray method, sanitizing dip method, and dishwasher machine washing.


  • Choose a desired compatible disinfectant from the various types suggested by the company.
  • Follow the “instructions for use” from the selected disinfection manufacturer.
  • Rinse the product thoroughly with water and remove any disinfectant residue. Before rinsing or submerging in water, ensure all seal gaps are connected tightly over any USB cables and that the seal plugs are properly inserted into the keyboard.


Washing or sanitizing our hands and wearing a mask has become the new norm to prevent illness spread. However, micro bacteria and pathogens on high-touch surfaces such as keyboards and mice compromise disinfection protocols and lead to the spread of viruses. Seal shield medical-grade keyboards are 100% waterproof, meaning they can be cleaned with sprays or wipes without powering them down or disconnecting them. They are completely washable and submersible, and they can be soaked in bleach, washed in a sink, and even cleaned in an automatic dishwasher. Seal shield mice are also fully designed to address the vulnerability of cross-contamination faced in many settings. They are also compatible with many disinfectants and cleaners.

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