When we talk about the personality of a person, your teeth are one of the main parts of it. You have to take care of them for a better lifestyle. Your teeth and gums need special care to be healthy. Maintaining good hygiene and a proper diet keeps your teeth away from decay or gum diseases. For cleaning teeth, brushing and flossing them regularly is best.

Tips For Proper Brushing And Flossing

Here are some tips for better teeth and gum care you can adapt easily.


Flossing helps to remove plaque or the food particles that are not in the reach of the toothbrush. It is enough to floss once a day at any time suitable to you. Plaques are a major cause of tooth decay and it is necessary to get rid of them as soon as possible to prevent their hardening on the teeth.

A toothpick can remove the plaque too but can damage gums leading to infection. So, avoid it. Use 12 to 18 inches of floss wrapped around fingers to floss each side of each tooth to remove plaque or debris.


Brushing your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day is suggested by the dentists at Trillium Dental. Scrub your tongue with a tongue scraper or a brush having small bristles. Follow the proper method to brush your teeth.

Brush the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of the teeth slowly to get rid of any trapped debris. Brush your tongue too to remove white coating and bacteria. Brush for a minimum of 2 minutes and choose the toothpaste according to your needs. For maintaining healthy teeth, fluoride toothpaste is a good one to strengthen your gums and teeth whitening.

You can consult a dentist too for the right choice. Change your toothbrush after every 3 to 4 months or when it starts to wear. Electric toothbrushes remove plaque better than traditional toothbrushes. You can consider them too.

      Get Regular Dental Checkups

Visit your doctor once or twice a year for a complete checkup, or at any time when you notice some discomfort in your mouth. Don’t wait for the situation to get worse. Tooth decay can also lead to tooth loss. You can also go for regular dental cleanings to remove the plaques or debris that you missed.

      Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Maintain a healthy lifestyle for your teeth. Smoking is a major cause of the worsening of gum diseases. It weakens the immune system, so it will not be able to fight against many diseases. Having a good diet by adding fruits, dairy products, and fluoride-containing food is suggested. Avoid having lots of sugary foods or beverages.

      Use Mouthwash

In addition to flossing and brushing, mouthwashes can also be used to stop gum diseases and bad breath. It can reduce gingivitis which is an early gum disease that can cause them to swallow and bleed. Consult your dentist to buy an effective and safe to use mouthwash.


These tips are good enough to get you through early dental problems but if the condition is serious, don’t waste your time. Go to the doctor immediately to know what could be done? Go to the hospital which is equipped with modern and latest facilities for dental health. Visit Trillium Dental, you can get efficient services like cleaning, fillings, cosmetic enhancement, and so on. Take care of your teeth because they are necessary for a confident smile.

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