Beta-alanine is a powerhouse in the sports arena as it is scientifically known to boost athletic performance by increasing muscle endurance, power, speed, and strength. Beta-alanine improves muscle endurance by increasing carnosine, which acts as a buffer against lactic acid accumulation.

Beta-alanine binds with histidine to produce more carnosine levels; therefore, taking beta-alanine supplements can significantly improve your workout and training performance. Beta-alanine can be complicated, unlike other sports supplements, and requires extra care to maximize your training potential.

Take the globally patented beta-alanine, not generic one

Beta-alanine is a scientifically backed-up workout ingredient to boost performance, and you may have taken it at some point in your sports life. But you need to note one thing, only the patented beta-alanine supplement known as carnosyn is scientifically proven to boost athletic performance and tested in a wide range of athletes.

More than 55studies and over 20published scientific journals back up carnosyn, and studies have shown that it is clinically proven to boosts athletic strength, promote muscle endurance, enhance mental focus and optimize workout recovery. It has been tested on various training modalities, including cycling, rowing, weightlifting, and sprinting.

Use beta-alanine as a standalone ingredient.

Beta-alanine can significantly influence your athletic performance, but only if you take the right doses. Your pre-workout formula may contain beta-alanine, but that doesn’t mean it is effective in your case. Note that most of these pre-workout formulas underdose beta-alanine, not to mention that some contain the generic beta-alanine whose effectiveness is not proven. Therefore, using beta-alanine as a single ingredient ensures you get the adequate and clinically effective dose to maximize your athletic performance.

Stack beta-alanine with other clinically proven performance ingredients

One way of effectively optimizing your athletic performance with beta-alanine is to stack it with other clinically proven performance ingredients such as creatine. Plus, using beta-alanine as a single ingredient also makes it easy to stack with other products. Creatine is one of the scientifically proven sports supplements that increase ATP levels, the muscles’ fuel during exercises. Beta-alanine plus creatine supplementation has been found to have a significant effect on building lean tissue. Stacking beta-alanine can result in bigger gains, better endurance, and more performance.

Use beta-alanine supplements every day.

Take beta-alanine supplements every day during training and nontraining seasons so that you can effectively optimize your performance. That means you should take your dose every day regardless of your training schedule. Consistency here is key if you want to see the results of beta-alanine supplements.

Supplement with a higher dose

You can increase your athletic performance by supplementing with a higher dose of beta-alanine. For instance, you can boost your daily dose from 3.2gms to 6.4gms to create more carnosine retention in the muscle tissues. A higher dose means more carnosine levels which further delays muscle fatigue, fuels endurance, and enhances peak performance.

The takeaway

Beta-alanine supplements have been scientifically proven to boost athletic performance but using them correctly is important to achieve the desired results. Use the patented beta-alanine, take it every day, and remember to stack it with another proven ingredient to maximize your performance.

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