If you are looking for rehab programs in Sacramento, 30-day rehab programs are relatively common. Thirty-day drug rehabs are short-term treatment programs. Most of them aren’t actually 30 days but 28 days long.

These are intensive programs utilizing a wide array of medical and behavioral therapies to cater to the rehabilitation needs of their patients. Short-term programs like 30-days drug rehab are usually offered at inpatient rehab hospitals and residential facilities.

They are mostly recommended for patients with mild forms of addictions. If you are unsure if a 30-day drug rehab in Sacramento is ideal for your loved one, this article serves as a guide to help you understand the right therapy or treatment will give you the best chance of success.

The Basics of a 30-Day Drug Rehab

Before committing your loved one in a rehab center and deciding for the 30-day rehab, it’s best to learn more about the program, particularly its benefits and drawbacks. Read on to find out the fundamentals of a short-term drug rehab program.

Types of 30-Day Drug Rehab

There are different types of 30-day drug rehabs ideal for the type and level of addiction of the patient. Most of them employ a combination of various therapies and treatments to address the physical and psychological causes of drug addiction. There are two categories under which a 30-day drug rehab falls in – the inpatient hospital treatment and inpatient residential treatment.

Short-Term Residential

No matter what category they fall, both provide intensive therapy. For the short-term residential, the patients are required to live full-time at the Sacramento treatment center.  With the patients residing full-time in the treatment center, they experience 24-hour care received from experienced professionals. They attend therapy sessions, drug education lessons, and received proper medical treatments.

Partial Hospitalization

In partial hospitalizations, the intensive treatment is provided in a hospital setting. In this type, the patients don’t have to stay overnight. While they are called inpatient, it’s only because of the hospital setting, the almost full-time commitment, and the extensive services provided. Most of the therapies offered include detox, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medical treatments if necessary.

How Is a 30-Day Drug Rehab Different from Others?

The therapies and treatments associated with this type of drug rehab are also found in other programs. The difference lies in the length of time of the program as well as how intensive it is. The 30-day drug rehab , sacramento is more intensive than the more extended types of programs because the therapies are condensed in less time. It’s also why patients are required to spend most of their time in the treatment.

Benefits of 30-Day Drug Rehabs

There are plenty of benefits if you choose to enroll your loved one in a 30-day drug rehab in Sacramento. Compared to the longer period programs, patients are more likely to complete shorter terms. Furthermore, shorter-terms are more focused, less time consuming, and less expensive. It’s also more likely to be covered by insurance policies.

Of course, it also has its fair share of drawbacks. For instance, it’s only ideal for mild forms of addiction. If your loved one has a severe addiction, it’s best to enter them in longer treatments. 30-day drug rehabs also have less time for recovery due to withdrawal. You can decide if a 30-day drug rehab is ideal for your loved one. Just make sure to consider its drawbacks and benefits.

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