CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the various cannabinoids often found in a cannabis plant and has been subjected to a lot of research due to its multiple, varied medical applications. Other than its therapeutic attributes, this compound is non-psychoactive (it doesn’t give the user a ‘high’ like cannabis) making it an effective and safe option for patients who are concerned about side effects of other types of cannabinoids like THC.

CBD dormant oils are known as CBD oils. But, it’s important to understand that the ratio and concentration of CBD to THC vary; the Neoteric Nutra product and the manufacturer often determine this. Nevertheless, it has been proven that CBD oils provide a wide range of benefits that can help enhance quality of life for patients all over the world.

Here are essential CBD oil benefits you should know.

Pain relief


The most celebrated health benefit of CBD oil is its pain relieving (analgesic) effects. It’s believed that CBD interacts with the brain and immune system receptors to minimize inflammation and reduce pain. A study published in the Experimental Medicine Journal showed that CBD could significantly reduce pain in rats and mice, though it’s not just rodents who experience such effects. In 2008, a review was done, and it proved that CBD is capable of relieving pain without inducing hostile side effects in patients.

Battle anxiety


Though CBD is often used to treat various physiological symptoms, recent studies show that it can be used in therapy of numerous mental health problems such as anxiety. Research conducted at São Paulo University found that CBD can reduce subjective anxiety. This leads to the conclusion that it can reduce anxiety due to the impact it has in paralimbic and limbic brain areas.

Anti-Seizure Properties

A seizure occurs when an individual experience a dramatic instability of electrical activity in the brain. Although high profile cases raised awareness of the anti-seizure properties of CBD, science managed to confirm this link recently. A random trial that was published in the Journal of Medicine in England explored the impact of CBD medication on adults with the Dravet syndrome. This form of epilepsy is rare, and it’s induced by fever. Patients who received CBD experienced a drop in their seizure frequency by a median of 38.9%.


Fighting Cancer


Studies have also indicated that CBD is valuable when it comes to treating cancer. CBD, including other compounds that are present in cannabis, have antitumor effects and can increase the death of the tumor cells in both leukemia and colon cancer. Moreover, investigations have shown that the oils can also prevent the spread of cancerous cells in patients with cervical cancer. But, it’s crucial to note that most CBD and cancer studies are still pre-clinical, so you shouldn’t think that this is conclusive proof that the oils can cure cancer.

In sum, CBD oils are valuable remedies which can be used in the treatment of various health conditions. Consider trying them today. Note that this article isn’t exhaustive; it only highlights the few ways CBD can benefit your health.

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